For ages I have been getting these Page build warning emails from GitHub, saying that my custom domain was set up as an A record. It's been bugging me, but really hasn't been a priority. So by following the broken windows theory, lets get this fixed.

Adding a CNAME file to your repository —————————————-

I had this all set up with the CNAME file in the root, but obviously my Next steps: Configuring DNS settings was a bit broken


  1. In my Zone Management pages with my domain provider, I had added 2 A records with the IP Addresses
  2. I found they belonged to that url with the classic ping -a on the cmd line, but I could just as easily have looked up
  3. I deleted them
  4. I tried to add a cname, but my domain provider needs an mx hostname?
  5. And I’m still getting the emails - I might have to wait until the propagation is finished…?

Hah! My DNS recoreds and stuff are actually located at Namecheap, not my domain provider…

  1. Got to namecheap > Login > Menu > Manage Domains > FreeDNS.Hosted Domains
  3. | Hostname | IP Address URL              | Record Type     | MX Pref  |  
    | -------- | --------------------------- | --------------- |--------- |  
    | @        |  | URL Redirect    | NA       |  
    | www      |       | CNAME (alias)   | NA       |  

And it updates without sending me the A Record error - fantastic!